ERRESTRADE SRL was founded in 2002, as an evolution of RAIMONDI F.lli SNC, operating in the road construction sector since 1968.

The family's strong passion for this line of work, combined with its longstanding experience, allowed for the creation of a solid business, backed by expertise and proficiency.

ERRESTRADE SRL maintains a broad range of technologically advanced machinery for managing road maintenance contracts, as well as construction and green spaces.

Times have evolved, and ERRESTRADE SRL has adapted to current developments in the construction industry, combining excellence with a spirit of environmentally friendliness.


ERRESTRADE SRL originally handled only roadworks for the private sector.
Over the years, the awarding of various public procurement contracts have enabled us to extend our line of work, managing a variety of construction sites with customary commitment and organization efficiency.

Our professional team have matured a high level of technical expertise which, combined with operating flexibility and specialization, have enabled ERRESTRADE SRL to manage all types of projects, from small to large works, with the same exacting respect for delivery terms.

ERRESTRADE SRL is up-to-date on latest materials, new technologies, and the rapid pace of change of an increasingly demanding market, with special attention paid to safety at worksites.

Continuous research and maintaining high quality standards are key factors for our company. Today, ERRESTRADE SRL's business extends to both public and private operators, covering the entire domestic territory, as well as internationally.